Hello World!

There’s this great myth afoot in the world of adulthood that you need to go to pick a career go to college, and magically you will find success. I personally believe in most cases the opposite is true.

College is one possible step. The problem with college and investing a large amount of your life’s resources in one career path is that it locks you into that path for the very certain future.

Successful people tend to be people who aren’t afraid to pivot. The problem with locking yourself into a career is that you are unable to pivot.

Imagine your is like Apple Computer Co. if you’ve invested the majority of your life’s resources into becoming a great computer you are more likely to be afraid of the great change that leads you to become one of the world’s most innovative cell phone companies.

We all need time to fail.

Each and every one of us need time to fail. Whether that’s as a line cook at Denny’s or a server at Chili’s. If we want to be successful we first need to be bad at something for awhile. This teaches us what we are good at and also leads us to innovate towards what we will have success in.

College is unfortunately not designed for failure. The real world is. When you are bad at college and get poor grades it often sets you up for a lifelong series of failures. Or not believing in yourself. Unfortunately that’s counter intuitive to success.

Real learning is hard.

Real learning isn’t about grades. It’s about learning the way to do things, and the perseverance to find success at the end of the tunnel. If you want to find lasting success I suggest you not to college. Unless part of your desire is to become a doctor, lawyer, or a career that needs a degree skip it.

Start learning by doing. Start learning by practicing. If you want to be a world class novelist. Read great novels, read books about writing great novels, and then start writing great novels by writing bad ones first.